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Nix • 5 years ago

seems like I cannot update avatars either (says 'whoops... something went wrong')... probably somthing to do with the start of the season fixes?

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  • Sparky • 5 years ago

    Has been noted for awhile; Others have complained

  • Nix • 5 years ago

    Yep I saw the previous one and someone said fixed... for them. So muttr possibly just cleared some corrupted data in table for them individually instead of doing a mass clear for everyone. So just bringing it back to attention.

  • NekuDash • 5 years ago

    Not sure if it's fixed for anyone else, but it's definitely not fixed for me


  • Muttr • 5 years ago

    Should beable to update avatars again - it was a permission issue.

  • Nix • 5 years ago

    @Muttr: Thanks!