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Mai • 5 years ago

Too many of you have helped me to count. Thank you all so much. I really, really appreciate it. :)

We made HoH history! A winner with 147 health. That's nearly double the previous record.

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  • Armadag • 5 years ago

    I just wanted to comment to comment ^~^ <3

  • Nukelz21 • 5 years ago

    Thank You! I've also been rooting for Zyra since Season 31.

    Is this a record btw? Highest health for a winner I know is 40+ (Karma)

    Also Congrats for the RP (most heals on a winning champ) and last elim :D

  • Mai • 5 years ago

    Irelia's first win had 82 health, if I remember correctly. :o

    edit: Thanks Nukey 

  • JohnnyW4Life • 5 years ago

     Yeah, this is the definition of a season that's boring as fuck.  

  • Mai • 5 years ago

    I liked it. :)

  • WillyTheKid • 5 years ago

    I'd say this season was more interesting than season 32

    ...but then again that's not much said. xd

  • gsgambit • 5 years ago

    We demand a list...

  • WillyTheKid • 5 years ago

    Maindler's list. xd
    Coming soon... (I hope :o )

  • Mai • 5 years ago

    You'd both be on it, don't worry. ;-;