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Muttr • 5 years ago

Ya heard.

For those who HAVEN'T noticed, even if you don't refresh the page now, you'll see champs health tick tick tick away, LIVE! As I've mentioned in IRC a few times, this functionality opens up a wide range of possibilities.

Have any REAL-TIME ideas? Post them below!

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  • gsgambit • 5 years ago

    Real time known.

  • pheonixboii • 5 years ago

    oh damn muttr. You're amazeballs

  • enfabledmage • 5 years ago

    one thing i miss is knowing how many champions are left instead of having to count them unless i missed something

  • Desufire • 5 years ago

    @Enfabledmage: Try clicking on the champion in last place. It'll tell you what place they're in. (Thus telling you how many champions are left)

  • Nukelz21 • 5 years ago

    I also miss how we could see the most recent 20/30 activities instead of just recent 8 activities. It helps us get tracked of which champions are getting the most hurts or heals.

    This is really awesome btw :D

  • Muttr • 5 years ago

    This was just a test update really, but it's so powerful that I will be branching it out. A long with the health update, I still need to make the actions appear in recent activity as well.

    Speaking of that recent activity block, I built it there to be in your face, yes, however you are not experiencing the full "recent activity" just yet. I just wanted to get the site up and going. I eventually will have that area "scrollable" so-to-speak, so you can scroll through the recent activities.

    With this new functionality, I am now working on an alert for eliminations...so when a champ gets eliminated you get an alert popup telling you who got the kill etc. (working on this as I type this). Site should be getting more and more fun :)

  • Porces • 5 years ago


  • Nix • 5 years ago

    @porces: Sigh...

  • Desufire • 5 years ago

     @Nix: It's not broken for me, maybe an issue on your end?

  • Aditya • 5 years ago

    Real Time Action pl0x I hate that javascript message :p

  • Nix • 5 years ago

     @desufire: When the comment is linked in the recent comments section in the profile it will break the formatting of the page. The recent comments seem to be random so if it appears you will see the code.

    As seen here:

  • Aditya • 5 years ago

    u wot m9

  • Tomaj • 5 years ago

     It errors out the side bar thingies regardless of pictures in comments (I get blank where it should show twitter/facebook stuff even though I am not on a profile page)

  • Wolfie • 5 years ago

    Just FYI they don't udpate automatically if you have them saved in the starred section.

  • Muttr • 5 years ago

    @Wolfie - sure they do? Maybe you checked at a time it was being fixed?