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Milkshakez • 4 years ago

Season 1-Season 5

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  • Nix • 4 years ago

    The new changes sound interesting

  • Milkshakez • 4 years ago

    @Nix-I always hate pre-season. Not saying that these are direct nerfs to my ability to play the game (we all know Riot is out to get me however) but when I mained jungle, they reworked the entire jungle. When I mained top, Juggernaut came along. Now I'm doing well with ADC as I always have, and WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED?! ADC changes. Simple changes, but still changes. 

  • HunterLuvz • 4 years ago

    I don't play much League anymore 'cause my friends are busy when I finally get on the computer, but seeing Cho buffs make me happy...especially since they like to nerf my champs weh. Harrowing skins make me sad but at least I keep my money this year??

  • Nix • 4 years ago

    @Milk: Probably more interesting for myself due to the fact I only play aram

  • Sparky • 4 years ago

    im ready to yell at supports always about there being no wards and having no comebacks now that i cant buy them 

  • AbsentSun12 • 4 years ago

    I actually really like most of the ADC changes coming. Not sure what they're going for with Quinn and I'm gonna miss Impure Shots and Janitor Trist.

    As for the vision changes I'm just glad the rest of the team is finally gonna buy a damn pink ward. :v