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Sparky • 5 years ago

So currently we do not have a system right now sponsoring the RP given away seasonally like we used to so I decided to bring it back, as well as an addon for fun. smile Since there is no upvote/downvote function on this site, the added RP code for every 500 has been removed, however to compensate I started the RP card at $20 instead of $10. 

I will award ONE(1) $20 RP card code at the conclusion of season 36 to a randomly selected summoner who has posted in this thread or the thread on the official league of legends forum post. 
UPDATE: As another way of compensation there will also be ONE(1) $10 RP card code given to the winning champion's #1 supporter in heals. 

WARNING: Anyone found spamming the thread to increase their chances of winning will be disqualified, you have to contribute to the conversations in them, not just simply bump it.

Good luck everyone! wink

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  • Muttr • 5 years ago

    Thought you meant on the League forums for exposure, haha! I like the #1 healer for the winner though.

  • Sparky • 5 years ago

    Oops, probably should have clarified,  my bad!

  • pheonixboii • 5 years ago

    oh cool. Good luck! thanx sparky for doing this :D

  • Muttr • 5 years ago

    Very nice of you to do so, though! Maybe I'll just make a post on League's boards and link them to this ;)

  • Nukelz21 • 5 years ago

    Woah! This is awesome. Thanks for being proactive ;)

  • Muttr • 5 years ago

    Awesome! :) Might want to change that wall-of-fame link since that doesn't exist lol.

    It's  http://www.hurtorheal.com/winners now ;)

  • Heilion • 5 years ago

    Enter me in!

  • Sparky • 5 years ago

    Fixed, just copied most of the things I didn't do myself from my previous stuff, so I didn't get the right link. sealed

  • Sahren • 5 years ago

    what about the #1 hurter on the winner

  • Sparky • 5 years ago

    you win the title of loser c: im well off but im not that well off

  • TheRealRiggz • 5 years ago

    You da real mvp sparky

  • Mai • 5 years ago

    Do duplicate posts still count?
    Also thanks Sparky!

  • Sparky • 5 years ago

    As long as they aren't spam, yes, any spam will remove you entirely from the drawing

  • Nix • 5 years ago

    RP Love Live!