Wall Discussions / Happy 17th Birthday, Milkshakez!

Milkshakez • 5 years ago

Almost an adult ^.^

This is like the 3rd birthday we've all shared together :p

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  • JohnnyW4Life • 5 years ago

    Happy birthday milk

  • T8te • 5 years ago

    Happy birthday, dear milkshakez. Happy birthday to you! 

  • Rental • 5 years ago

    Enjoy it while you can, being an adult kinda sucks sometimes. Happy birthday though.


  • KuribohPalkia • 5 years ago

    Happy birthday! :3 Are you gonna do anything special to celebrate?

  • Milkshakez • 5 years ago

    Thanks guys <3

    @Kuriboh, I just hung out with my family and had cake. Nothing special this time around :p

  • Nix • 5 years ago

    Happy bday!

  • HunterLuvz • 5 years ago

    Happy (late) birthday!