Wall Discussions / TFW Taric wrecks your team.

Tomaj • 5 years ago

end of game screenshot


Got triple kill, 1v1'd zed, made the enemy team cry.


match history thing

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  • Desufire • 5 years ago

    "TFW Taric wrecks your bum" -Ezreal

  • Tomaj • 5 years ago

    0/10 would not touch Ezreal's bum.


    -My Taric

  • WillyTheKid • 5 years ago

    Thornmail op <3

  • enfabledmage • 5 years ago

    ezreal is too lady like for taric he needs a real man like graves.

  • Tomaj • 5 years ago

    Mmm, Graves...