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troyodk • 5 years ago


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  • SakuraYagomi • 5 years ago

    <3 !

  • WillyTheKid • 5 years ago

    If any among you know any reason why this couple may not lawfully be married, declare it now or forever hold your peace.


    I totz ship dis, btw :p

    edit: If this gets 100ish more views and "Memettrs" blessing, I think we can make you an official HoH-couple.

  • Mai • 5 years ago

    I object because she has a boyfriend. c:

  • WillyTheKid • 5 years ago

    I guess we all saw this coming, Damn! ;/


    ...I'm still gonna have my share of the cake though~ owo

  • Mai • 5 years ago

    ..what flavor of cake?

  • Sahren • 5 years ago

    But you don't know: troy has girlfriend, so they cancel each other and a marriage is possible, just simple maths