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Milkshakez • 5 years ago

The boys have left the yard after 25 long seasons. With my new job as a Production assistant to a local Film company, school being priority, and my life slowly beginning to shape itself, I've decided to quit League of Legends and leave the community as a whole. Thank you for being apart of my life for the past few years. The games we've played may be left on the rift, but the fun, laughs, and memories we've all shared together will stick with me for the rest of my life. Thank you. -Milkshakez

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  • Muttr • 5 years ago

    <3 always welcome back my friend!

  • LieblingKira • 5 years ago

    !!! Glad to hear you're gonna go places. Good luck in all of your endeavors!

  • gsgambit • 5 years ago

  • TheRealRiggz • 5 years ago

  • Nix • 5 years ago

    Peace out! Remember life never gets too tough for you to handle with people to back you up. So come back if you ever need stuff. Otherwise have fun and don't do anything I would not do twice :P

  • Mai • 5 years ago

    Hope to see you again sometime. :)

  • Nukelz21 • 5 years ago

    It's always sad when a fellow HoH player leaves. Best of luck in your future!

    Though, I think you'll be coming back to play LoL in the near future. ONE DOES NOT SIMPLY QUIT :P

  • Rump1234 • 5 years ago

    Bye Milkshakez. Its been fun! :)

  • Silenttwo • 5 years ago

    Ciao and take care!

  • Aditya • 5 years ago

    Bye Milkshakez :(

  • NekuDash • 5 years ago

    Goodbye ol' chum



  • Gurmor • 5 years ago

    Bye :'(