Wall Discussions / mia, wunderfall, timlikon, genisis may i ask you not to hurt vi please?

enfabledmage • 5 years ago

It is nice to meet you i don't remember if we have met before but forgive me if we have my mind can get a little foggy sometimes XD.

I would like to know the reason why you people are doing this. We can discuss why you don't like vi maybe you don't like butch girls or something. I have someone i know who says this but i don't think that should be a reason to hurt her. Anyway i know this is a bad start to talk to you but have a nice start to the season :D

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  • gsgambit • 5 years ago

    Now enfabled.... Why exactly is you're mind foggy sometimes again? ~_^

  • enfabledmage • 5 years ago

    the amount of weed i smoked last year haha XD

  • TheRealRiggz • 5 years ago

    Vi ain't butch, I'd smash cool

  • Mai • 5 years ago

    I actually really like Vi. This'll be the last season I hurt her after our conversation on IRC. :)

  • timlinktom • 5 years ago

    Well i saw this a little late lol