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Sahren • 5 years ago

Stop, now, or else...

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  • FluffyFox • 5 years ago

    Leave Gnar alone you bully

  • gsgambit • 5 years ago

    Gnar should periodically change into Mega Gnar after so many votes. Muttr PLS

  • Mai • 5 years ago


  • Wolfie • 5 years ago

     Nidalee should change into Catalee after reaching 140 HP

  • gsgambit • 5 years ago

    I would vote for Valor

  • enfabledmage • 5 years ago

    blarg never mind sahren is making the post lol i thought it was about gnar getting hurt XD

  • pheonixboii • 5 years ago

    anivia should turn into eggnivia when eliminated.

  • Rzr332guyver • 5 years ago

    Maybe Muttr should have a "Suggestions" tab?

  • Mai • 5 years ago

    Stop now, or else.. Gnar will remain in first place for the rest of the season?

    GJ Sah proud of you.

  • Nix • 5 years ago

    @mai: the 'or else'... might have been just to give up on hoh

  • Sahren • 5 years ago

    This has got out of control, I just wanted it to be just, not an absurd difference with the 2nd, Gnar can't, he has to die

  • Mai • 5 years ago

    Gnar s37

  • Sahren • 5 years ago

    You know I love you Mai, but even you can't stop this

  • Mai • 5 years ago

    When you make a dent call me bb.

  • enfabledmage • 5 years ago

    if you think you can nuke gnar i can help :)