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FluffyFox • 5 years ago

Ok so I've been ever so hesitant to post my matches here up on this wall because, well I don't want to make it a habit. However this is a special occasion for me because this single game. You see in the basement of League of Legends Elo house, lies a place known as Bronze. I live there will all my fellows and foes. Its dark and damp, and well that sort of enviroment tends to put people in bad moods. Now people are sent into this abyss because they 'lack skill' or something another, according to the people above. I'd disagree and agree with them, but that's an argument in its own right.

Now the purpose of this post is to share a single story today, a day where my family abandoned me (they went on vacation and I'm house sitting, cuz college life wouldnt let me go with them.)

Long story short, I played LoL to pass the time, played ranked cuz why not? Proceeds to lose many games due to stupidity of my fellows in Bronze + Fiora ults being the most evil of things ;~;.

So after many loses, I grew grumpy and sad... but decided why not let's play one more... the result was this...

http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/ #match-details/NA1/1765740564/43450771?tab=overview


ty for reading this, and as always enjoy your lives.

(P.s. Even if bronze people are bad, we enjoy playing the game no less then you 'higher ups'... except when it becomes obvious people are really bad and playing ranked... and whiners/children/trolls and other internet populations)


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  • Nix • 5 years ago

    If you are having fun that is all that matters. That being said my flavor of League is ARAM... where meta is made up and lanes dont matter :P

  • Desufire • 5 years ago

     My favorite flavor happens to be URF, where there is no meta because everyone is good (except ADCS :<)

  • Nix • 5 years ago

    @desufire: URF is fun too... but it is a limited mode so... until they make it permanent... ARAM is my default flavor

  • whee • 5 years ago

    Ezreal and Ashe are op for urf. ashe volley on 1 second cooldown and ezreal q resets if you hit a target with it

  • Desufire • 5 years ago

    Obviously some ADCs CAN be strong, but I think in general most mages are the strongest when it comes to URF

  • Mai • 5 years ago

    Ezreal is def t1 in URF. Lucian is pretty good too, so I've seen.

  • Desufire • 5 years ago

    my best experience in urf was playing as lux. stun stun stun ult ult ult

  • Aditya • 5 years ago

    IGN?? And the link doesnt work >.<

  • Wolfie • 5 years ago

    Rammus. Taunt for days.