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TheRealRiggz • 5 years ago

Anyone on here play any Street Fighter? Ultra, 3rd Strike, II Turbo, Alpha 3?

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  • JohnnyW4Life • 5 years ago

    Street Fighter 2 in the arcade in the 1990s.

  • TheRealRiggz • 5 years ago

    I mean currently

  • Nix • 5 years ago

    Nothing beats playing fighting games on a cabinet... but that being said it is sad that arcades are on the decline :T

  • Desufire • 5 years ago

    Move to Japan, theyre alive and well

  • TheRealRiggz • 5 years ago

    Fightsticks are basically the same. You can play II Turbo online for free on PC, original arcade version and all.

  • Nix • 5 years ago

    @desufire: naw they are on the decline as well... they just seem alive and well because they had a crap ton of them before the decline.