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Tomaj • 5 years ago


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  • Milkshakez • 5 years ago


  • Tomaj • 5 years ago

    Nobody asked you.

  • Milkshakez • 5 years ago

    No need to get defensive. I didn't make a comment when Lissandra was taken out...

  • Tomaj • 5 years ago

    No need for you to talk to me. Ever. Go away.

  • Milkshakez • 5 years ago

    Someone's holding a grudge. Lol. It's just a game

  • Tomaj • 5 years ago

    Can you please just stop talking to me? That is all I'm asking of you Milkshakez. I didn't ask fior you input. If I wanted it, I would have asked for it. But since I didn't, you can assume that your presence is neither needed nor wanted. It has nothing to do with a grudge and everything to do with you are one of the last people I have any interest in associating with. Capische?

  • JohnnyW4Life • 5 years ago